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Reliable Innovative ICT Recruitment

Helping You Stand Out!

Established in 2007 John and the team have more than 35 years of combined IT recruitment experience gained in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland and Western Europe.  This unique understanding has formed the recruitment methodologies and mission of Fuse.
Fuse understand the needs of clients, plainly put we are here to help you win, to solve your unique recruitment problems. 
We work to go beyond the usual job specifications to understand the nature of our clients' business models and culture, thus ensuring we not only provide candidates who meet or exceed the job specification, but also are the right cultural fit for the organisation.
For the candidates we represent, we provide a level of service higher than any of our competitors. We don't just look at one role, we work to understand your needs and will actively market you to organisations which suit your skill sets in an effort to find you the perfect job. We maintain open communication with candidates to ensure they are aware of what we are doing to help guide them into the right role.
Fuse has a vested personal interest in providing the highest quality service to clients and candidates and our list of testimonials demonstrates this.
Our company values are based on integrity and deliverables. We recognise there is a significant strategic advantage to Fuse IT by providing a level of service higher than the current industry norms.

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