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What in store for IT Recruiters in 2019?

Well its come around again and having had several conversations with some of the brightest minds in recruitment in NZ have decided to put it out there on the line for, whats the IT Recruitment market going to do?? Without any data science, AI or ecomomic analysis I can still answer this question with accuracy. Come rain or shine, recession or progression, good high end technical people are always hard to find. This has always been the case and having worked through 3... yes 3 global meltdowns the only advice I can give is, if you are a recruiter then work hard, pick up a phone, dial and pitch and prospect confidently, quickly and ask for the meeting, ask for the role, just ask. The harder you work the better the outcome, our role is to save headaches, time, money and add value by placing professionals who will add value, So listen to your customers needs!! Peace, Johnny

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